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About Me
Pikying since 25/1/91. Aquarius girl. She is a freedom lover. She loves to fly. She loves living in the peaceful life. She loves shopping so much. She loves Ice Cream,Wink. No matter how,I still loving being myself. My life with friends and families are fascinating. Don't making any vapid judgement and rumours if you don't know me. I will love you if you love me :)
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My Past

Monday, May 9, 2011
Life ain't easy, sometimes pretty good sometimes down to the max! I am unhappy recently for many reasons. There are thousand of things stay in my heart which I got no idea how to solve it. I am 20 this year but still so blur.  FML

Hey Friends
Sunday, February 20, 2011
Kitty's Freak. Yes I am the one. I want everythings in Kitty!!! It had been such a long time I din update my blog d. I am such a lazy girl. Well, currently my life was pretty fine in KL. Just KL ...is a place that you can't gain weight due to the walking distance in every places you go. Haha! So good for me. But seriously I miss Penang Foods and Penang people. I guess I am going back on May Holiday. Sad case still long time to go. Anyone who come to Kl dont forget to find me :D

My lovely 20th Birthday
Saturday, January 29, 2011
 I have a super memorable birthday yet the most impressive one on my 20th Birthday. Thanks for all the surprises and my two lovely dear friends to plan everything with my love one to make me happy. Appreciated ~!
 The most touched scene still thanks to my dearest for the 1st time cooked and cooked me the most precious meal. This was the ever delicious meal I had ever ate before :) Never expect my dearest know how to cook :P
And also the cupcakes :D  
 I am happy I am touched. Heartssssssss
 Another round steamboat with friends at Kepong :)
 The satay uncle :P Thanks for the grilled XD
Thanks for the cook :P It's yummy :)
 Make a wish. WIsh that every year also got a memorable bday :P
Thanks all. I love u all :)

Manilla Place
Thursday, January 6, 2011
Last lunch with love one at Manila Place before Tmr :) It had been such an ages I din been to there already. I miss the Cabonara so much!!! He took the Chicken Gordon Blue. Pretty nice too esp the wedges and the source. The portion looked small but you will get full easily. I get full satisfaction from there Teeeheeee

Farewell @ Gurney & Xuan Xin
On the way going to Gurney to meet my girls. Caught in the traffic jam :P We watched the movie ' The tourist' Haha~! Not bad la actually. It's quite hilarious in some part and lame too XD. Btw Thanks for dear hun mei for present me the peppermint essence as my advance birthday present. Smell nice :) I love it. Hopefully my migraine will release through this. Winkkk

Night and Dinner @ Xuan Xin  due to the last minutes plan

 My love
 My Darling Qi.
 My dear friends. We enjoyed our dinner ^^ it's full. Im a fatty now. This few days eat non-stop XD Friends wait I come back we go for other nice place again ^^
The Iphone Application. Hahahaha remind me of the moment when we snapping picture. Got lots of funny effect LOL

Gather before I leave Penang :)
 Lunch at Chicago with my dear classmates before I go to KL on this friday :) The above were the foods we took. Mine one was the Pizza. Taste not bad but still not the type I likey. "The first one was BBQ chicken. Ermmm the meat seems too dry but the fries were awesome. It's full of thicky potatoes :D
 The surrounding of the shop. Environment was pretty nice
 It's me and the stimmmm Dawen XD
 Us. The group photo. Later on RedBox ^^
 Yeah my dear Hsin who are going to see me everyday after this friday. We are gonna stay together eat together sleep together play together laugh together n cheer each other when one of us is down instead of cry together XD
My Grandpa. The super hilarious guy

 Our siao siao face XD
 Normal one :) I am gonna miss you grandpa :)

 And the next one MR Dawen. I wont forget you one la Devil Lim XD
 Teeeheeee. Hsin was so cute XD
Again us. I am gonna miss u guys. Take Care. I won't forget the time we spent together in class. You guys will always stay in my heart though I am gonna change my classmates soon :)

Sunday, January 2, 2011
Photo taken down during Christmas Eve. This year I went to Ling's house for BBQ with love one and hun mei. We got lots of nice foods~! Dont have the mood to go for any crowded place anymore. Simple but I just enjoyed it with them :)
And the New Year Eve night. Follow love one go to his company event. BBQ again. Not going any crowded place again. Peaceful but I just love it.Yes it's now 2011 a brand new year! Hope you guys all the best in everythings you do ~! :D

And the new year 1-1-2011~! Took my lovely dinner with the only one since its 11111 and our anniversary too! Dinner taken @ Harvest In and the Sor Lou face

Teeeheeee it's me! I love the wedges! Crunchy and Crispy :D

Our dinner. The top right one was Chicken with Spicy Cheesy Sauce. The sauce was nice yet not too spicy but the chicken was so so only as I dont like chicken breast because it was too dry. But luckily this was not mine. Mine was the bottom of the right side one. XD. I took Fish with Spicy Pepper Sauce. This was tasty ! You should try it next time. I can't finish whole set so we just ordered one set and the wedges just a side order due to my craving towards it. Overall I love everythings :)

Class Gathering
Sunday, December 19, 2010
 It's Lovely Saturday. And so it should be my enjoyable moment~! Yesss I miss my friends muchiess. Wei Ling since you came back ady remember to date me more :P
 Well it's actually my secondary school's class gathering. Winkkk excited to meet them. And this is yun pei and me :)

 Miss Ooi Min Yen. She is so cute~!
 Lovely Wendy :)
 Khai Ngoh here. She getting prettier and prettier !
 Cutie cze yong :D
 Angela and me :)
 Guat Min :)

 Hui Ying :)
 Kristie~ :)
 And the lovely lee ming :)
 Ahahz we enjoyed the night but many of them were missing~ ! hope u girls would attend for the next gathering yea . Lovessssss
 The next station Straits Quay with my girls :D I used to love the ambience so much
But too bad we went there time quite late d so many of the lights had already shut it off T.T I wana take pictures with the super big christmas tree T.T And one thing I stuck in the traffic jam for one hour then only reach home! By the moment I went out from home also the same! Why is it so terible I guess I have to stay at home ady next week LOL

My love
Friday, December 17, 2010
My another lovesss. Awww super love this I just dont know why~! :D